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W.D. Surratt Elementary

School Attendance Policy

Texas State Law requires your child to be attendance 90% of the school year. We at W.D. SurrattElementary School recognize the benefits of school attendance and will strictly enforce the attendance guidelines. Any absence and the reason for the absence must be reported to the attendance office, 926-8200 by the parent or guardian for each absence. You are asked to notify the school by 10:00 am. The attendance office is open by 7:30 am. If we do not hear from you within 2 daysof the absence, it will be considered as unexcused.

All parents are allowed to send in an excuse note for student absences for a combination of reasons listed below for a total of 5 absences per year.These 5 absences will be documented as excused with parental permission (EPP). After the total of 5 absences has been accrued, any further absences must be documented with either a medical excuse or the child may be excused from attendance by our school nurse. In these cases, the absences will be noted as being excused.
Absences may be excused for the following reasons:

The student is attending a funeral for an immediate family member as defined in the Clint ISD Student Code of Conduct.

The student is participating in an activity which is approved by the local school board (field trip).

The student misses school for the purpose of observing religious holy days, including one day for traveling in each direction if travel is involved.

The student is required for a court appearance, when documented by an attorney or court official.

The student is temporarily absent due to,.a documented appointment with a health care professional if that student commences classes or returns to school on the same day of the appointment.

Absences will be unexcused for the following reasons:

Truancy-ditching school.

Out of town trips-without permission from school officials

Frequent illness or Appointments that are not substantiated by documentation

Failure to Notify-absences not reported within 2 days of occurrence.

Other-student absences to baby sit, help around the house, accompany parent or siblings to appointments.

Impact on Attendance Awards:.

Perfect Attendance-student must be enrolled at W.D. Surratt and have no absencesor more than 5 earlv releases or occurrences of tardiness.
Early Release W.D. Surratt has established an early release card that must be filled out each time a student is taken out of school early. Parents are the only individuals allowed to remove the child. Parents may add family members or friends to the list of those authorized to remove their child from school early as well..